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Four Schools in One

While Pacific Academy is one school with a unified mission, purpose and vision, we've found it better serves our students to divide the campus into four different divisions so kids can spend the majority of their day surrounded by fellow students close to their age.

Primary (Jr K through grade 2)

Giving young children a solid foundation.

A child's time spent in primary school is so critical. These years are when their hearts and minds are open to learning about social interaction, fundamental academic principles and spiritual concepts. So in all that we do, we endeavor to help students grow in their Biblical knowledge and to experience God as father, Jesus as saviour and the Holy Spirit as guide. We teach them to live in community, joyfully extending Christ's love through evangelism and service. In fact, we believe children are never too young to learn the importance of serving others.

To help them learn this, our primary school students regularly visit elderly care homes in the Surrey area where their young lives can touch those of many by singing and reading with their grand friends.

A commitment to nurturing creativity and parental involvement.

Our primary school is noted for its dedicated, nurturing teachers and staff who believe strongly in the importance of parental involvement and effective communication with home. All classrooms are well-equipped and include specialized instruction in music and physical education as well as a thematic approach that uses a Biblical foundation to teach academics and the fine arts. An extensive learning support program also features early reading intervention and a team of teaching aids to provide special classroom assistance when needed.

Junior Kindergarten: the youngest members of our student body.

Junior Kindergarten is a division of our Primary school that specifically meet the needs of three-and four-year-olds. And it’s been a tremendous success. This special part of our school focuses on helping children learn about the world in which they live by exploring the intricacies of God’s creation. They learn to acquire the basic values and social skills necessary to grasp the character of God as reflected in his creation.

They're also given the basic literacy and numeracy skills they'll need in years to come as they receive their formal education. Children are encouraged to take calculated risks when faced with unfamiliar challenges - all under the watchful eye of caring and nurturing teachers who offer guidance and support along the way.

Intermediate (Grade 3 through 5)

Shepherding and challenging children as they serve - while growing academically and spiritually.

As children reach the intermediate school years, they begin to become more and more aware of the world around them. So we build upon the solid foundation laid by the primary school teachers to help children grow in Biblical knowledge and to personally experience their relationship with Jesus. We also encourage them to nurture that relationship with Him and to use it as a basis for living in community while joyfully extending Christ's love through a life of learning, evangelism and service.

And service is something we encourage at all grade levels - including here in the intermediate school. Students serve others through both local and international outreach programs.  They also regularly pray for students in Kibaale, Uganda.

The academic program provides a solid foundation in literacy and mathematical thinking as well as social studies and sciences which are carefully chosen to provide a vehicle for exploring God's creation as an integral unit and to measure a meaningful context for reading, writing, investigating and questioning the world around them.

Middle School (Grade 6 through 8)

Guiding young lives as they move towards independence.

Grades 6 through 8 are an exciting time in student's lives. Changes and transitions come fast as students enter adolescence and begin to assert their independence and mature at an accelerated pace. It's during this time they need a healthy academic and spiritual environment more than ever. And that's what we're proud to provide.

By delivering the intellectual capacities needed to move from concrete to abstract thinking and by shepherding them through their physical and social developmental changes, our staff seeks to let students become their own person and to grow deeper in their individual relationship with Jesus as it moves from one of blind acceptance to one they can "own."

The middle school academic curriculum focuses on humanities, math, science, French, Bible, outdoor education, computer science and fine arts at every grade level. We also emphasize and teach the importance of good study skills, extra-curricular activities and community service and outreach.

In fact, students collect change each week and make books and charts to support schools Pacific Academy sponsors in developing countries. They also reach out to the local community by visiting senior citizens' homes, helping in day care centers, ministering in small churches, helping at area food banks, distributing clothing for the underprivileged and buddying with younger students.

High School (Grade 9 through 12)

Equipping students to love God and serve others as they mature into young adults.

Because the high school years are so vital in the spiritual and academic development of students, we maintain a pupil-teacher ratio that averages 16 students per teacher and keep class sizes small - ranging from 15 to 28 students (depending on the course and grade level). That allows us to give them the attention they need to grow and thrive as they prepare to enter adulthood.

The school year itself runs from September through June and is divided into two semesters, with most academic courses taken on a semester basis, so students are able to divide their course load more evenly.

What's more, like all the other grades here at Pacific Academy, outreach is a large part of the high school curriculum. Through various outreach opportunities, students are equipped to express and defend their faith while developing compassion for the underprivileged and appreciating how the great commission relates to "going into all the world."

The High School offers educational opportunities for International students. For further information, please visit our International Program page.


Generations of Outreach

"As a PA graduate and current grade 6 teacher at the school, I have both experienced and witnessed how powerfully God meets students through the high school Outreach program. I recently led a team to Cuba, and saw God change students' lives as they learned more about who He is, who they are, what God has made them capable of, and how they can serve Him both globally and locally."

PA graduate