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Program Overview

A community of learners.

At Pacific Academy, we've long believed that knowledge and wisdom are two very important, yet very different things that are inextricably intertwined. Knowledge comes from an academic environment where students are challenged to work hard toward a standard of excellence in order to reach their fullest potential. And wisdom comes from maturity - both spiritual and emotional. A wise person both understands and acts on the insights provided by a faith-based education.

Therefore, we do everything we can to create an environment where students can learn and thrive academically and spiritually. This includes a curriculum that weaves a spiritual component into key academic areas.

Science and Technology

Our science and technology programs help students to recognize how the information explosion (the Internet) is affecting the lives of everyone on earth. They're also taught how to leverage their skills and abilities gained in the sciences and technology to engage our culture and to lead with energy, enthusiasm and discernment wherever God calls them to lead their future career.

The Arts

God made us as creative beings. And our arts programs seek to encourage students to find the best outlet for their own, individual creativity. Each of our schools - from primary through high school - offers a range of music classes that include band, orchestra, choir and praise worship electives. Visual, verbal and written expression are also encouraged through art, drama, literature, media and graphic courses.

Fine arts are also a big part of life at Pacific Academy. Each year, students participate in a range of productions - including dramatic and musical performances. And one need only walk up and down our halls to see the pieces of student-created artwork on display to see how talented many members of our school are.

Sports and Recreation

A healthy, active lifestyle is essential for everyone. And at Pacific Academy we encourage students to take part in a range of sports activities including basketball, floor hockey, soccer, golf, gymnastics, track and field, tennis, volleyball and badminton. Our PA Breakers represent the school in a variety of local leagues and events.

What's more, we've invested heavily in providing the best facilities for students over the past 15 years so students can take advantage of each school's gymnasium, the fitness centre, playing fields, beach volleyball area, ball hockey outdoor court, athletic track, outdoor street hockey and basketball courts.


We Moved for PA!

"We believe so strongly in Pacific Academy that we recently moved our family from Vancouver to Surrey, just so our three children could attend. We know the teachers at PA are praying for our kids and we feel God's presence in this place. We love the balance between academics and social involvement in the world inside and outside our community and we look forward to the outreach opportunities that Pacific Academy makes available to the students and their families."

- Rob and Brenda Howard
Parents of three students