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Our Community

A unique school with a special mission

Pacific Academy was founded in 1985 by B.C. area spiritual and educational leaders who wanted to create a place where kids could receive the very best academic and spiritual education possible. Today, our school has grown to become a student body of more than 1400, housed on a 40-acre campus in North Surrey (View Map).

We are unabashedly Christian to the core and emphasize the life-changing importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ in all that we do. What's more, we believe in living out that commitment by integrating an exciting outreach program into our curriculum. In fact, all students - from junior kindergarten through grade 12 - are a part of ministering to those both here in the Surrey community and on the other side of the world.


So Thankful!

Despite the fact we drive all the way from Vancouver (sometimes many times a day because of activities, etc.) we never stop thanking God for allowing our three children to be a part of Pacific Academy... It's a short distance compared to the great lengths Pacific Academy regularly goes for our kids.

-Sarah Ma
Mother of three Pacific Academy students