Pacific Academy | A Jr.K-12 Pentecostal Christian school in Surrey, B.C.

Alumni Spotlight

Pam McLellan Schavey. Class of 1998

CPA Tax Attorney

What grades did you attend PA for:
Grades 7-12. I started at PA in Grade 7, the very first year the school opened. The class was so small, we were in a Gr, 6/7 split class. I am still very good friends with a lot of those I went to school with in that class and am now Facebook friends with quite a few others as well.

Education after PA
Bible School (1993): Ministerial certificate
Oral Roberts University (1997): B.S. in Accounting
Regent University (2000): JD (law degree)
I passed the CPA exam in 1997 and passed the Bar exam in 2000. I am currently working as a CPA Tax Attorney.

Current Location:
Indianapolis, Indiana

Family info:
I am married to Chad Schavey and have a 2.5 year old boy, Jack, a 1 year old boy, Joshua, and am currently 3 months pregnant with twins. That means we are going to have 4 babies under the age of 3!

Currently I spend my time:
Up until this most recent pregnancy with twins, I was traveling approximately 50-60 times per year. So being gone a lot meant my favorite thing to do was to be at home with my kids. Home became a complete and total luxury. So, other than working an awful lot, I like to exercise, play with the kids, and organize the house if there is any time left over.

My most memorable PA experience:
Oh my word, there are so many, where to begin! To this day, some of my most lifetime memorable experiences were at that amazing school. Everything from putting the senior year book together, and planning graduation and fundraising activities, to staying up half the night to finish science fair projects. Wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything. I especially loved our hockey night outing after winning tickets for the whole class to the Canucks game. Our monthly outings, including the progressive dinners with our awesome homeroom teachers, Mr. Chalifour and Ms. Kifiak were especially fun.

An influential PA experience, that has shaped the person I am today:
Oh my word, all of them! I received a lot of encouragement from all my teachers and in truth, they helped provide an academic foundation and determination that carried me through a lot of post-secondary studies. I received such a good foundation, even computer skills from way back when that I used in university that many of my American student peers didn't have a clue about. In general, I learned the importance of working hard, having good friends and the importance of being in a good Biblical and social environment. I adored our teachers, loved our principal, and developed life-long Christian friends that I consider as close to me as brothers and sisters for life. PA was a special place, and had such a unique environment, it is hard to explain to anyone who has not experienced it first-hand. There must have been a lot of prayer behind the scenes by a lot of those teachers, parents and volunteers, that made that place as special as it was, because there is no way a place like that develops by accident. My biggest challenge now is how on earth could I possibly find a place that could ever remotely match such an experience that I had, for my little guys. It has made me appreciate my parents and the sacrifices they made to keep me and my sister there.

Three things that come to mind when I think of PA are:
Strong-Biblical curriculum
Caring teachers
Life-long friends as peers

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Pam McLellan Schavey

CPA Tax Attorney
Class of 1991
Currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana