Pacific Academy | A Jr.K-12 Pentecostal Christian school in Surrey, B.C.

School Wide Staff

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Our entire staff is listed here by school. To explore the individual people behind the Pacific Academy vision and mission, please feel free to look here.

Primary School Teachers

Tim Barks PS Principal
Lila Bacon Learning Support Coordinator
Karen Ball Kindergarten Teacher
Karen Barkowsky Grade 2 Teacher
Jane Barr Junior Kindergarten Instructor
Karen Breedveld Grade 2 Teacher
Kristin Brooks Kindergarten Teacher
Lauren deGroot Grade 1 Teacher
Dianne Dueck Grade 1 Teacher
Joanne Kang Junior Kindergarten Instructor
Linda Kristjansson Grade 2 Teacher
Kristina Marshall Grade 1 Teacher
Jennifer McLean PE Teacher
Teresa Ogbes Grade 1 Teacher
Janelle Reid Kindergarten Teacher
Charleen Schmaling Grade 2 Teacher
Jenny Song Kindergarten Teacher
Nanci Voeuk Kindergarten Teacher

Primary School Support Staff

Eduardo Aristizabal Library EA
Penny Aalhus EA
Barbra-Ann Ball EA
Joanne Bertolini EA
Bonita Chan EA
Kerry Chifan EA
Sylvia Cho EA
Michelle Daase EA
Jean Greenan Lunchtime Supervisor
Stacey-Ann Gregg EA
Sue Halabourda EA
Amanda Hansen - class of 1995 Admin Assistant
Lin Harris Librarian
Connie Johannessen EA
Vanessa Kirk EA
Natasha Maitland EA
Myrna Rempel School Counselor
Laurie Schneider EA
Leslie Shankland EA
Joanne Townsend EA
Debbie Veronesi EA
Ann Wirtz EA
Cara Wirtz EA
Heather Yang EA

Intermediate School Teachers

Grant Wirtz - Class of 1995 Principal
Nancy Bakken Grade 5 Teacher
Kim Blackaby Grade 5 Teacher
Diane Brown Grade 5 Teacher
Randy Hall PE Teacher
Gillian Hamm Grade 5 Teacher
Glenda Hiebert Grade 5 Teacher
Juliet Hiller Grade 4 Teacher
Arlene Paluch Grade 4 Teacher
Sheila Sanadh Grade 4 Teacher
Carol Skolsky Learning Support Coordinator
Lynn Teefel Grade 4 Teacher
Melinda Tegart Grade 4 Teacher
Vitally Ufimtseff Grade 3 Teacher
Gail West Grade 3 Teacher
Rachel Wiebe Grade 3 Teacher
Marni Wright Music Teacher/Grade 3 Teacher

Intermediate School Support Staff

Eduardo Aristizabal Library EA
Trisha Aristizabal EA
Kyra Bozzard EA
Louise Fevang Admin Assistant
Evelyn Ford IS Computer Lab Coordinator/EA
Laura Harris EA
Victoria Heppell EA
Simone Lang EA
Mary-Ellen Moore EA
Myrna Rempel School Counselor
Emily Straczek EA
Sarah Seage EA
Nicole Stewart EA
Denise Van Dijk EA
Andrea Walker EA
Joyce Warkentin EA
Carol Willie EA
Cara Wirtz EA

Middle School Teachers

Paula Bath Learning Support Coordinator
Rick Bath MS Principal
Jane Cho Grade 6 Teacher
Megan Churchill-Browne - Class of 2002 Grade 7 Teacher
Susie Clemyck Grade 6 Teacher
Alexandra Connor Grade 7 Teacher
Carina Drisner French/Grade 7 Teacher
Riley Dueck - Class of 2013 Grade 6 Teacher
Lisa Edwardson Grade 8 Teacher
Angela Fuellbrandt Grade 7 Teacher
Aaron Hardie Music Teacher
Kathy Holmes Instructional Coach
Sharona Jayavant Grade 8 Teacher
Chelsea Johannesson - Class of 2010 Grade 8 Teacher
Theone Kuebler Grade 6 Teacher
Paula Pelley - Class of 2001 MS Vice Principal
Sue U-Ming Grade 7 Teacher
Jody Wandzura Athletic Director

Middle School Support Staff

Eduardo Aristizabal Library EA
Gina Amos EA
Susan Bates Admin Assistant
Deanna Carter MS Computer Coordinator
Lorilee Clunas EA
Jan Hamilton EA
Lin Harris Librarian
Jodie Knapp EA
Mary Nydam EA
Myrna Rempel School Counselor
Scott Wiebe EA
Sara Wood EA

High School Teachers

Kevin Kraushar Principal/IB Physics
Thomas Allen - Class of 2006 Drama/Social Studies/CP
Gail Armitage Instructor
Joel Ashbee Humanities
Matt Bacon Math/Science Teacher
Alanna Banta - Class of 2012 Media/Humanities
Elise Bersot Modern Languages
Ruth Blois Learning Support Coordinator
Aaron Boehmer Science Teacher
Trevor Dmitruk Athletic Director
Ken Drisner Director of Outreach/Humanities
Ervin Dueck English/IB English
Werner Engler English
Aleah Kampen PE Teacher
Scott Knapp Science/Economics/IB Biology
Andy Kuo Art
Spencer Lafleur French Teacher
Jeff Lee Math/Physics/IB Physics
Ron Maitland English/Social Studies
David McFarland Social Studies/IB History/CP
Pusha Nagarajan Math Teacher
Quentin Paras Music
Matthew Rempel Culinary Arts
Angela Richards - class of 2008 Vice Principal/Math/IB Math
Rick Rolleman Media/Management Innovation
Dave Rosborough Choir/IB Biology/IB Coordinator
Robert Stevenson Science
Rob Teasdale Instructional Coach/Summit/Social Studies
Laurie Teasdale Guidance Counselor
Chris Wandzura CP/Chapel Coordinator
Lizabee Wickett Humanities
Pamela Williams Math/IB Math

High School Support Staff

Sandeep Butter EA
Bea Choi EA
Bahram Daipour EA
Jan Dirks Coordinator of International Education
Margret Elsasser EA
Stacey-Ann Gregg EA
Joyce Hedlin EA
Donaleisa Leavers EA
Kristen Martin - Class of 1997 HS Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
Joel Miles EA
Joshua Miles EA
Nathaniel Miles Media EA
Myrna Rempel School Counselor
Sharon Scott Registrar
Sherri Smith Student Services-IB Admin Assistant

Accounting Staff

Diane Stone Director of Finance
Yoko Chan HR and Payroll Administrator
Rea Dann Accounts Payable
Andrea Mills General Ledger Accountant
Vanessa Tran Accounts Receivable


Perfect Fit

Pacific Academy has been the perfect fit for our son, Samuel. They have used a positive and nurturing approach that has met his unique learning needs, and he has thrived in this wonderful environment. His enthusiasm towards academics and belief that he can succeed can only be attributed to the experience and child specific planning on behalf of the staff. They include the parents in the planning process as well, so that we are a team working together, and we have achieved results that we never thought possible for our son.

-Jann Hall
Mother of three students, one with a learning disability