Pacific Academy | A Jr.K-12 Pentecostal Christian school in Surrey, B.C.

Board Members

The Pacific Academy Board.

Pacific Academy is operated by Pacific Pentecostal Education and Communication Society (PPECS). The board of directors of PPECS provides direction and leadership for Pacific Academy and is responsible to set the overall vision, mission and strategy for our school. The board supports the talented leadership and staff who manage the day-to-day operations of the school.

The board of directors currently consists of 8 members who reflect a variety of experience and expertise in business, education, finances, legal and pastoral care. Board members are carefully selected and appointed by the existing board of directors. Many of the directors have children attending the school or are proud parents of PA graduates. 

Current Board Members    
Mrs. Helen Balzer Chair
Mr. Brad Miller Vice Chair
Mr. Peter Brown Secretary
Mr. Clark Hollands Treasurer
Mr. Ron Moody  
Mr. Marco Veronesi  
Mr. Doug Lambier  
Rev. Darin Latham  


Mission Statement

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Pacific Academy seeks to create an inspiring community of Christ-centred learners equipped to lead and serve.