Pacific Academy | A Jr.K-12 Pentecostal Christian school in Surrey, B.C.

Board Members

The Pacific Academy Board.

Pacific Academy is operated by the Pacific Pentecostal Education and Communication Society (PPECS). Consequently, it's the PPECS board that oversees our school. This board is self-perpetuating and consists of 8 members who reflect a broad cross-section of the school community.

Current Board Members    
Mr. Brad Miller Chairman
Mr. Peter Brown Vice Chairman
Mrs. Helen Balzer Secretary
Mr. Clark Hollands Treasurer
Mr. Ben Gauer  
Mr. Ron Moody  
Mr. Marco Veronesi  
Mr. Doug Lambier  


Mission Statement

Pacific Academy exists to prepare students for service and leadership through a commitment to excellence by providing the best in spiritual, intellectual and physical development based on a foundation of Christian principles in the Pentecostal tradition.